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The Doc Reporting In

I suppose that most people here know of the legend that is me. But for those who may happen to be total n00bs or those who are suffering from some kind of retrograde amnesia I shall introduce myself here in this very entry. Now, sit back and enjoy the sordid tale of action, adventure, and intrigue that is my bio.

Back in the day, many a fortnight past, about 26 years to be exact, much to the chagrin of the universe, I was born and the prenomen Alexander (Alex for short) was bestowed upon me. As time passed I grew up and gained a fondness for cartoons. Then one magical day, towards the end of high school, I discovered anime and my life became infinately better overnight. Verily, I became an anime fanatic.

When I'm not partaking in the anime goodness I engage in several other various and sundry activities. The most important and temporally demanding of which is my education, and it is a well known fact among those in the know that I am a graduate student studying neuroscience (thats a fancy word meaning brain stuff). In addition to probing the mysteries of the mind, I am trying to teach myself Mandarin Chinese, get into some kind of shape (other then round) by way of regular exercise, listening to Asian pop-music (j-pop, k-pop, mandarin and canto-pop), learning about history, massive caffeine consumption, making an assortment of witty, sarcastic, and snide commends, and doing some other stuff too that I can't remember off hand.

Currently my secret base of operations (apartment) is located in the frozen, yeti infested, wastelands of Rochester Minnesota. There, I reside with my fish, who keep me company and entertain me with their various antics. Together we plot for world domination and play scrabble. Should the fates smile upon me, I shall soon acquire a cat, which I shall train to be a ninja.

So thats my bio, should you be in posession of any further questions, don't hesistate to ask.
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