CDM (maggotthemango) wrote in otaku_shelter,

greetings to otaku shelter

here i am, your newest companion in the vast and fascinating world of geekdom!

my name is chris, i am a friend of nate and timo, both of which i met about 46 years ago when we worked at a store together where customers would rent "vhs cassettes". timo was one of my managers, and the most abusive one at that. i once had to cancel my shift because i couldn't find a pair of shades big enough to cover the stapler imprint he had left by my right eye. he also suffered from occassional 'nam flashbacks, during which he would crouch in the dense jungle cover of the drama section and order the rest of us to "look out for charlies in the trees". thankfully, nate soon came to work there, and was able to subdue timo's eccentricities with his zen-like aura.

i am a recently graduated film student from the school of visual arts in manhattan, and am currently residing at my grandparents' house in ocean township, nj. i drive a taxi cab for the drunken tourists of the jersey shore on the weekends, and spend the rest of my free time enjoying the company of my friends, eating and cooking delicious foods, playing games and watching films/anime. by the end of the summer, i plan to find work in sound recording for films to keep myself occupied before i leave for japan to teach english for a year.

i got into anime around the end of high school, maybe junior year, and have seen a lot since. series i appreciate deeply include evangelion, berserk, cowboy bebop, key the metal idol, flcl, his and her circumstances, maison ikkoku, and now and then here and there.

i've attended the past 3 otakons, and i intend to cosplay for the first time at this one. to achieve as of yet unparalleled levels of geekdom, i am going as "gitaroo man", a character from an excellent rhythm based japanese game who's costume is so strange and flamboyant that any pictures that will inevitably surface are certain to derail most of my respectable job prospects. but who needs a "real" job anyway. i went to film school for crying out loud.

i am joining this forum hoping i will meet some interesting people, and to have good conversations about anime and gaming. for starters, if you're going to reply to this, tell me a little about why you like anime, then rattle off a top 5, or 10, and tell me why you like them. i'm always looking for new stuff to get into, and i hope to explore that here.

so that's it for the intro, i am going to finish watching "haibane renmei" with nate tonight, i may post about that soon. i look forward to hearing from you guys.

chris mcleod
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