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Welcome to the Otaku Shelter
A Haven for Geeks

To become a member to this little community you must apply HERE

Once you have become a member to Otaku Shelter, you can apply to and then post in any of these sub-pages:
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What is Otaku Shelter?

Why, I’m glad you asked bold-faced type! Otaku Shelter is a community catering to the geek in all of us. It is a place for people to meet others with the same interests, a place for people to post fan work, and a place for people to roleplay. If this site is successful than more sections will be added over time.

The Rules

1. You must be at least 13 years of age to join this community. This is a rule set up by LiveJournal.

2. There is a simple rule structure, three strikes and you’re out. That means, if you are caught breaking the rules you will receive a warning. If you break the rules three times you sill be suspended/banned. If what you are doing is deemed extreme enough you may be suspended/banned sooner. Final decision is made by the manager.

3. Please type like a normal freakin’ human being! DO NOT TYPE LIKE “I7 iz 57upid 4nd 4nn0ying. IF j00 7yp3 1ik3 7hiz j00 sux0r”

4. We are tying to give this place a forum-like feel to it. When you start a thread make your first post only one or two sentences. Think of this as the title to you thread. Then reply to your own thread to add what you want to say.

5. Use LJ cuts. For the love of god use LJ cuts!

6. Be nice to the other members. I love a good debate but if you take cheap shots or simply harass/insult someone you will pay.

7. Don’t be an ass. This means no disorderly conduct, spamming, flaming, or disregarding the rules

8. Participate often. As of now you do not have to join to view posts. If you join than please post. If in the future I make posts viewable to members only than you will have to remain active to stay a member.

9. If you are suspended/banned you are not allowed to join under a different LJ name. If you do so you will be reported.

12. And most importantly… have fun! If you stop having fun the gnomes will be sent after you…….. and they have wolves!

The Sub-Pages

Otaku Shelter

This is the main area. All general posts go here. This is also the page you join from. All members are encouraged to introduce themselves on this page. It is a good way for the other members to learn a little something about you.

General Posting Shelter

This is the free-for-all area. You can post to your hearts content abotu anything you like here. Find something funny or odd and want to share it? This is the page. Anything goes here so have fun with it.


This is where all news and announcements regarding the community can be found. This is also where I will be posting impromptu survey’s. If you have any thoughts or feelings about the site or encounter any problems you can post about them here.

Current Events

This is the area meant for discussion and debate on current events. If you want to talk about the news, religion, politics this is where you do that. As I said before, debates are encouraged here but to not get mean. If you start taking a debate personally and start throwing insults you will pay.

Computers and Gadgets

I love shiny things don’t you? All tech talk goes here. From discussing new stuff to showing off your computer. Have a problem? Post here and maybe another member can help you out.


The heart of the Otaku Shelter. Talk about anime here. Post thoughts and reviews on series you like. Subbed or Dubbed? The eternal debate goes here.


Everything gaming-related belongs here. From video games to board games to dice and card games. All that fun stuff can be picked apart inside. Please do not start any role-playing threads here, there is a separate page for that.

Manga and Comics

The written word is alive and well right here! Manga and comics related info is to be posted here.


This is a place for people to share their fan works. Please put all pictures and writings in LJ cuts to save room. Also do not take it personal if people offer a critique on your work. Critiques are how you become better as an artist. You don’t have to take everyone’s advice but do not flame them if you don’t like what they’ve said.


All role-playing goes here. Start a thread and get people to join in. Your initial post should have a description of the theme in it. If you want to limit the amount of people joining edit your first post to say if new people are welcome or not.